Osvaldo Alves Drills

DER SPIEGEL 49/1964 - Künste mit Kanten

33 Solo Grappling BJJ Drills in 7 Minutes - Jason Scully (von jasculs)

Kyra Gracie full film: “The Main Tournament of My Life” HD (von kyragraciefilm)

Known as a world champion grappler in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and no-gi grappling, Kyra Gracie grew up in a normal middle-class home in Rio de Janeiro. Rio is a city divided by wealth: the poor live side by side with the rich but they are worlds apart in their lifestyles. 

Inspired by the words of her late uncle Ryan Gracie, Kyra is sharing the art she knows so well with people who live on the fringe of society. Watch as she introduces us to the children of the ‘communidade’ Vargem Grande, where she has introduced regular jiu-jitsu lessons. 

Working with the community as well as the kids, Kyra is using jiu-jitsu as a vehicle to teach them the qualities of the martial arts: patience, discipline, respect. Meet the children learning the Gracie method of self-development, and see how jiu-jitsu is changing their lives.

Look at http://www.kapacidade.org.br/

We analysed what were the most successful techniques from the 2012 Pan Ams black belt matches. 

MMA - Doku in German (von TheMaltibrd)

Kata Hokkyokuko (von BushidoDojoBerlin)

Kata Hokkyokuko (fin., Polarlicht), Kumite-Kata entwickelt von Sensei Risto Kiiskilä

Boy Chokes His Cousin to Death with Rear Naked Choke (Gracie Breakdown) (von GracieBreakdown)

In the wake of the tragic accident that occurred last week, the Gracie Brothers explain precisely how Stephen Arceneaux III was choked to death by his younger cousin with hopes of educating our youth about the serious risks of practicing jiu-jitsu techniques, chokes in particular, without proper training and supervision

Chuck Norris - Demonstration (von rileeuw)